Mom vs. Dad 👨‍👩‍👧Smart tips for crafty parents

Smart everyday tips for crafty parents
Hi crafty parents! Let’s see how moms and dads find solutions to the same problems! If your daughter wants to go out and asks for a hairstyle, it’s up to you how much time you’re ready to waste ;) You can spend 5-10 minutes and create a simple but cute hairstyle, or you can spend less than a minute if you follow our vacuum cleaner hack for the fastest hairstyle in your life ;) I’m 100% sure that dads will choose the second option! We will show you different ways to protect food or drink from falling or leaking - there are some great hacks that will make your kid’s lunch more comfortable. Don’t let your little Picasso draw on the walls and furniture, choose one of the options to make them create art in a safe place. Keep watching to see great tips on tasty snacks for kids, home cleaning tips, and fun games for kids. Hey, parents who love chocolate, we prepared hacks for hiding sweets from your kids too😅

02:21 - If your kid loves drawing
07:26 - Easy snacks for kids
09:30 - Easy hairstyle ideas
10:43 - How to hide sweets from your child

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