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Does your kid hate drinking milk? Well, here is a trick that may help you make your child at least try it. Maybe they will like it ;) Get a rubber glove and make small holes in it to look like a cow’s udder. I know, it sounds kind of crazy, but the imitation of the cow milking process can be fun! If your child often drops their lollipops while playing, make a case for it! Use a plastic Kinder yolk for this trick ;) If your kid is a sweet tooth, we will show you some tricks to hide chocolate and snacks from them. It’s better to make healthy snacks and treats instead, right? Keep watching this video to see how to make nourishing ice cream with fruit, watermelon sweets, sandwiches, and more. Also, we prepared some sweet desserts for those who can’t live without chocolate - Oreo ice cream, Pop It chocolate bars, Skittles waffles, and other colorful treats! What’s your favorite dessert recipe? Share in the comments below!

00:36 - DIY case for a lollipop
02:09 - How to hide sweets from your kid
04:10 - Pop It chocolate bar
04:57 - Pop It watermelon sweets

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