More than 100 hacks to make parenting better

Hey moms & dads, here is a new video to help you with your parenting duties! You'll learn many easy & delicious snack recipes that your kids will love! For example, did you know that you can make a chocolate bar using a Pop It fidget? Try it out! But if your kid is a sweet tooth, we prepared some hacks on how to hide candies from them! For example, you can put sweets in a teddy bear or boxes for baking soda or spices (places where your child won't even look for yummy things😅).

Another thing you can do to make your child eat healthier is to replace junk food with a healthy version. For example, keep a box of french fries but fill it with apple and carrot slices or keep soda bottles but fill them with cool fruit tea.

If you prefer to be in trend and try new gadgets, we will show you some of them to make your parenting life more manageable. For example, you can play with your child a dice game to make them eat better, use a special device to correct the child's posture while they do homework, wear on your kid's head a small protector to protect their eyes from water while playing in a bath. There are more awesome devices and hacks you'll see in this video. Enjoy!

01:24 - Hide snacks in a teddy bear
05:10 - Pop It chocolate
11:08 - How to lock fridge from children
22:18 - Teach your child to use a dental floss
35:59 - Bath device for babies
47:45 - Gummy bear lollipops

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  • It specifically says on the box of press and seal bags: This bag is not a toy. At 56 minutes you are turning a plastic bag into a toy for a baby. I guarantee some unwitting parent will follow this and a baby WILL suffocate. Please think these things through, and re-edit that video.

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