Brilliant Beauty Hacks & Makeup Tricks You Need to Try

Hey everyone! In this video, we will show you fantastic life hacks that will make your beauty routine faster. Grab your Pop It fidget and create your own palette of eyeshadow, highlighters, and lipsticks! Watch our tutorial for a custom makeup palette! If you dropped your eyeshadow palette, don’t worry! Get rid of fine particles and eyeshadow dust using slime! It’s a super easy and effective life hack that you’ll love ;)

Keep watching to see how to fix a broken nail with a leaf! It’s a viral hack that really works. So I recommend you have a bunch of plants at your place. Just in case, if you will need to fix your manicure 😅 Did you know that you can apply eyeshadow without any brushes? Use a paper towel to do it! And what about applying nail polish with a thread?! Yeah, we have many crazy but useful hacks here ;) Keep watching to see more beauty tips and tricks!

00:01 - DIY custom makeup palette
01:25 - Tattoo lipstick
01:44 - How to fix a broken nail with a leaf
04:34 - Color your lips with henna
09:38 - Avocado mask for beautiful hair

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